Vivienne quotes

#1 “Good morning Mum.. Oh.. Do you know how big that spot on your head is? (stretches arms out) THIS big!”

#2 “Ooh do you have crisps? I’ll just try one to make sure they’re OK.. *crunch*.. yes, they’re OK.”

#3 “I bet you don’t know how to put the telly on. I bet you can’t put Peppa Pig on the telly for me…”

Vivienne quotes..


Me: “Vivienne if you have just two more mouthfuls you can have some of Bea’s birthday cake for pudding..”

Vivienne: “But I don’t want any cake. It’s as simple as that.”


Me: “Right, it’s parents’ evening tomorrow, so are you going to be extra good at school today?”

Vivienne: “Can’t I just be good tomorrow?”

Vivienne Quotes..

..another bumper set of Viv-isms. We are definitely biased but we find V so hilarious at the moment….


(After giving Vivienne the last Percy Pig from the packet)

V: (Upset looking in the empty packet) “Mum, they’ll all gone! Why did you let us eat them all!”


(While I was dusting the fireplace)

V: “You know what it probably is? All the dust must be from when Santa came and he didn’t take his boots off. Next time we’ll tell him to clean his boots first.”

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Vivienne Quote

A bumper week with Viv means a bigger selection of Viv-isms than usual…


Me: “Wow haven’t we been up to a lot today Viv? Ballet lessons, riding your bike around the park, feeding the ducks, going on the swings, the Doorman Museum and the cinema!”

V: “Yes it’s really fun without Daddy isn’t it?”


V: “Can I give the ducks some of my smarties?”

Me: “No Viv, I don’t think ducks like chocolate.”

V: “But how do you know that? Have you asked them? I think they do.”


Me: “Who’s a better driver, Mummy or Daddy?”

V: “I think I’m the best driver.”

Me: “You can’t drive..”



V: “When you get married you have to go to Italy.”

Me: “….Do you mean Rosie and Jon are getting married in Italy?”

V: “Yes. I’m going to get married in Italy when I’m big. And I’m going to ask Rosie and Jon if they’ll be my flowergirls.”


(To the little boy who put his Buzz Lightyear down the slide which landed near Viv at the park..)

V: “Be careful! Be a bit aware!”


V: “Yasmine is a nice name isn’t it Mum..”

Me: “It is. I love the name Vivienne the best though. I love your name.”

V: “I love your name too.. Mummy Sally Mush”


(One of many chats which end up in Dav and/or me explaining why V isn’t getting a little brother or sister yet..)

V: “You’re not the Mummy I’m the Mummy.”

Me: “You can’t be a Mummy, you have to have had a baby to be a Mummy and you don’t have a baby.”

V: “That’s your fault though.”