What Vivienne wore..

Vivienne’s been putting together her own little outfits and we even treated her to a few bits for her summer wardrobe (we are doing a Viv-clothes-shop so much less frequently since she started wearing school uniform 5 days a week!) and we’ve just got her a checked summer school dress which brought me right back to remembering putting my own on when I was little. Dare I say it…. Summer’s on it’s way!





Golden Oldies..

I love looking through old photographs.. I was looking at some pictures hanging up in Grandma’s living room and happened to ask if she had any other albums handy.. and struck gold. These copies are the highlights of one of many albums. I especially love the headshots of Grandma which she got taken in a booth in Binns department store.. and obviously Grandad’s amazing bodybuilding-style posing!

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