Vivienne’s nativity

Viv had her second nativity today (school nursery then little nursery).. we weren’t allowed to take photos at the first and were allowed to take a few today so here’s Vivienne as Mary! It was possibly one of the cutest experiences we’ve had, and apart from getting distracted and showing the audience her sparkly shoes (didn’t you know Mary wore gold glitter pumps?!) and trying to run off with one of the Wise Men instead of Joseph it all went without a hitch. Loved it.

Vivienne nativity-1 Vivienne nativity-3 Vivienne nativity-4

Christmas wrapping..

I love wrapping things up for people to open, whether it’s wedding photos or something roughly wrapped for the kids to tear open. Not sure why…? I also love making making pretty little parcels (usually with hearts, rubber stamps and typewriter-typed address labels). I wrap everything in parcel wrap, I love the colour and the fact that it’s slightly retro.. I’d seen this little rosette DIY on the internet somewhere and decided to make my own in patterned magazine paper, with a nice little ribbon-cut cross underneath. Pretty parcels in time for Christmas (and they’ll look nice underneath our own tree in the meantime..)