In no particular order.. Goose eggs.. American Candy.. Meeting up with the journo lot.. Sunday dinner.. Eurovision.. Shopping.. Family days..20130605-103153 Trying to shift a stone by the end of July.. (Day 9 of the 30 day shred. Urgh.)20130605-103137

Glamorous and gormless for a networking event..20130605-103144

Something very exciting happening at the moment with my Sugar Caster..20130605-103541

BBQ days in the garden..

More and more often we’re finding any excuse to make jugs of Pimms, light up the BBQ and sit in the garden for tea and watch the light fade.. It was so warm a few days ago that we even filled up the paddling pool for V. Pushing the tractor around with baby and lamb toys whilst calling them her brother and sister can’t help us feel a bit sorry for her as an only child with no-one to play with at the moment.. We keep wondering aloud whether the timing will ever be right…?!20130605-103200 20130605-103211