Meals out and family time..

Recently we’ve developed a bit of a penchant for eating out.. it all began when Vivienne got a good report from school and we took her through the park and then for a meal at Fellini’s (her request!) and we’ve been out for a few more meals since. Eating out is a real pleasure now V’s getting a bit older, and we can all sit and enjoy each other’s company over some good food without her getting restless.. although we still have to promise her an ice cream for eating up..

20130605-103329 20130605-104012 20130605-104214

We’ve also had the chance to pop out to the park a few times, and will take V’s bike or just take a ball and play on the grass. Blissful..20130605-103314 20130605-103125 20130605-103737

Summer isn’t Summer without getting all the kids together in the garden, naked and running around and jumping in the paddling pool..20130605-103422 20130605-103750

And last weekend we took a day trip over the the Lake District whilst I met up with a September wedding couple.. we had lunch together then Dav took V to the lake whilst I drove away for an hour or so.20130605-103348Let’s hope this weather lasts!


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