Bank holiday Monday Car Boot trawling..

On Monday David suggested we pop over to Stokesley Car Boot sale (yes, David suggested – I think I’m finally making an impression of him with my obsession with vintage/pre-owned odds and sods) before he played golf on the afternoon – a big deal, his first sporting outing since snapping his ACL 14 months before – so we all drove over and ran around in the space of an hour or so.

On my way back through the field to meet David and Vivienne at the car I spotted a Mamiya C330 for a bargainous £60.. Dav agreed to hang on, though he was already late, while I ran to get cash out then swam against the tide through the crowd of people to snap it up.. and couldn’t find the stall. I ran through up and down the lines of cars before an angry phone call from Dav 20 minutes later saying we had to go. Now.

In my desperation I dropped Dav off then drove all the way back with a very patient Viv in tow and got it. Never been so happy with a purchase. It’s a thing of beauty, and seems like it works – I’m currently half way through a test film…

We also popped into Grandma Yvonne’s and hung out in the sun for a few hours before moving to our garden before bath and bed time.

The (almost) perfect bank holiday Monday.







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