Vivienne and ‘Annie’

Yesterday when we pulled out the couch to vacuum (we realised we hadn’t in at least a few months.. or since we moved in actually.. OK 2 years..) a tiny money spider ran out. Vivienne immediately named it ‘Annie’ and spent the next 20 minutes before bed watching her run around and drop down on her silvery thread.. until ‘Annie’ disappeared back to wherever she came from. Vivienne was distraught.. Crying “Annie, where are youuu?” So cute but she was a little bit heartbroken..

Until Annie showed up in the bath tub today at lunchtime. I heard a shout from upstairs “Annie’s back, Mummy!!” and found Vivienne perched over the edge looking down. This probably all sounds completely bonkers, but letting Vivienne be fascinated with her pet spider (before letting her loose again) has been the cutest thing. Here are a few pictures of Vivienne and her friend, Annie.

spider-19 spider-20 spider-21 spider-22 spiders multi spider-23 spider-24 spider-25PS I don’t own a macro lens, but remembered somewhere on the internet something about creating your own using a prime and ‘free lens-ing’ which is what I did to get such close ups. Definitely going to be messing around with this in the future..


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