Vivienne Quotes..

..another bumper set of Viv-isms. We are definitely biased but we find V so hilarious at the moment….


(After giving Vivienne the last Percy Pig from the packet)

V: (Upset looking in the empty packet) “Mum, they’ll all gone! Why did you let us eat them all!”


(While I was dusting the fireplace)

V: “You know what it probably is? All the dust must be from when Santa came and he didn’t take his boots off. Next time we’ll tell him to clean his boots first.”


Me: (Whilst driving) “Look can you see our postman over there? Do you think he’s called Postman Pat?”

V: (Incredulously) “No Mum, our postman wears a red jacket and Postman Pat’s is blue. It’s not Postman Pat. And Postman Pat has a cat.”


Me: “Have you eaten the rest of your dinner yet?”

V: “Well I’ve had 73 mouthfuls..”


V: “We’re making you a Mother’s Day Surprise tomorrow in the kitchen. We’re going to make biscuits. But I can’t tell you because it’s a surprise.”


Me: (After receiving a Mother’s Day present of a bath bomb) “So what does this bath bomb do then, Vivienne? What do I have to do with it?”

V: “You put it under the tap and it goes spikey. Then it gives you chicken pox.”

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