Vivienne & Ronnie make rainbow cakes

Ahh it’s been lovely this week to see Rosie, Ronnie and Jemima. They’ve popped up for a few days and we won’t see them again until Greg & Kelly’s wedding next month. Vivienne loves having friends/cousins round and always shows them around our house and her bedroom as proud as punch.. so we asked Ronnie if he wanted to come and help make some rainbow cakes with V. They were both lovely, good mixers, good icers and good decoraters.. even if a few mini eggs and smarties went missing along the way..

IMG_8485 IMG_8486 IMG_8495 IMG_8500 IMG_8501 IMG_8505 IMG_8508 IMG_8510 IMG_8522 IMG_8526 IMG_8528 IMG_8529

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