Is it Monday already?

This weekend was spent apart (and so will next weekend – Dav gets to go to Hamburg so Viv and I are going to have some treats at our end too..) I jumped in a car with Lou and Liz and travelled down to Skegness for Kelly’s hen weekend (it was an ’80’s weekend’ which should hopefully explain the outfits..) and Dav spent the weekend in a much more wholesome way with Vivienne taking her out on her bike and making peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies… Here are a few illustrative photographs.

285260_10152547264980611_1067686154_n 16408_10152547272640611_1231859591_n 71412_10152547262720611_1281894987_n 404867_10152547271885611_224903970_n 223562_10152547263160611_515416477_n 485240_10152547265750611_444122982_n 555925_10152547270105611_813402587_n photo-32 photo-33 photo-34 photo-37


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