We had the. laziest. day. today. Really lazy. The three of us slept in in our super king size bed and just vegged out watching the Australian Open final until midday.. We then dragged ourselves out with the aim of ‘getting out for the day’ and Viv picked bowling.. which was obviously packed to the rafters and had a wait-time of 5 hours (the product of there being so very, very little to do in Middlesbrough).. so we plodded next door to the cinema, and saw possibly the worst childrens’ film I’ve ever seen.. before having a lazy Pizza Express lunch….. then coming home and getting back into bed. No excuse whatsoever but very satisfying. We then worked out that we’d spent 12 out of the past 18 hours in bed, just hanging out, cuddling.. just being a family. Pretty shameful.

I wouldn’t rule out doing it all again sometime in the future…

today-2today-1today-3 today-4 today-5

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