Some highlights from last year..

Just a few personal faves.. So much happened last year I wouldn’t know where to begin.. and we have big plans for 2013.

(You can also see my photography round-up here)2012-round-up-20 2012-round-up-24 2012-round-up-37 2012-round-up-40 2012-round-up-61 2012-round-up-81 2012-round-up-191 2012-round-up-251 2012-round-up-281 2012-round-up-301 2012-round-up-410 2012-round-up-541 581135_372206236166292_34707785_n derek-thurrell-13 nyc-19 stp-redcar8 stp-redcar12 stp-redcar16 Sally T Photography -8 stp-st-anton-1 547602_10151797483430611_586417377_n thailand-stp-6 thailand-stp-30 Sally T Photography -9 148511_10152390090510611_1494143833_n 392260_10151985906860611_1091608335_n 394041_10151233516220611_749988011_n 399209_10152315127370611_188647851_n 404078_10152037317575611_403495904_n 421041_10151342541780611_637597659_n 422459_10152037316050611_683965540_n 429142_10151342537405611_633773927_n 430697_10151379788120611_491612496_n 526655_10151985908560611_1138039920_n 598461_10152288397370611_1591062782_n

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