Kids’ DIY Christmas Presents..

..One of the best things about having little ones is getting them to make cards and presents on your behalf (only joking.. honest!) Not everyone will appreciate your tot’s efforts but I’ve found this sort of thing goes down very well with family as a lovely little keepsake. Here are two ideas I’ve had Vivienne’s help with this year.

Sharpie Illustrated Mugs

An internet favourite, you’ll have seen versions of this all over Pinterest and lifestyle blogs. I wrote in a mock-‘skinny’ font the name of each recipient (in this case Vivienne’s great grandparents) and asked Vivienne to draw a picture of each of them on the other side of the mug (£1 each from Asda!). Bake for half an hour on high (I used Gas Mark 8) and it’s permanent. Voila!

Christmas DIY ideas -4

‘I love you Daddy’ Print

Vivienne’s started drawing fairly accurate pictures of Dav, and everytime he sees her efforts he looks like he might shed a little tear, so I wanted to create something for his study from her as a memory of one of her first drawings that we can then cherish. I prepared a document in a sort of Tiffany-blue colour with white text saying ‘I love you Daddy’ and ‘2012’ in font ‘Mossy’, then printed out using our own printer. Vivienne then drew a picture of Dav and herself in the space, and a big pink heart at her own request next to them. We then chopped it down and framed it before slipping it under the tree ready for Christmas morning.

Christmas DIY ideas -1Christmas DIY ideas -2Christmas DIY ideas -6Christmas DIY ideas -5

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