2012 Christmas List

Christmas to us is family, friends, food, V and her cousins, presents, prosecco and chaos.

This year we’re at the Hynes’, and for the first time everyone on their side will be there – Mary, Kevin, Anna, Eamonn, Evelyn, Frankie, Beatrice, (Anna’s bump), Rosie, Jon, Ronnie, Jemima, Greg, Kelly, Sebastian, David, Me and Vivivoo. A full house if ever there was one. Two Grandparents, four mums, four dads and seven little ones. I can’t wait.

Here’s what’s on my Christmas list this year.. A few expected (anything photography related), albums to start getting my act together and printing more pictures, and a blow torch – which I’ve always wanted and never yet been allowed for experiments in the kitchen…

1. Kraft Scrapbook/Photo Album.. 2. La Sardina lomo camera – since my Instax broke.. 3. A furry hat.. 4. A vintage camera strap.. 5. A Holga lens for my Canon DSLR.. 6. A blow torch.. 7. A graphics tablet.. 8. Film..



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